FAIS Law of Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services 2002 (FAIS) This law seeks to give you more protection to the customer. This law regulates the quality financial advice and the sale of financial products. For the client, it means transparency, and disclosure of all information, including fees that may be charged. For Gariep Planners, it means that we are obliged to enter into all business records. Similarly, in all advice given, we must comply with the requirements of the law. So, in order to comply with the requirements of the law, all planners of Gariep Planners are licensed to the Financial Services Council. The FDR is the governing body that ensures that all advisors, planners and brokers are properly trained according to industry standards. On request, all Gariep planners can show their license.

Our FSP number is 15197. 

By law, you will be asked by planners to sign a mandate that will ensure that your investments / needs are conducted according to these guidelines.

Bottom, see copy of our license:

Gariep FSP License
Gariep FSP License
Gariep FSP License
Gariep FSP License

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Gariep Financial Planners, an Authorised Financial Services Provider with FSP No. 15197

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